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U.S. Rep. Gary Peters Statement on the State of the Union Address

Washington – Today, U.S. Representative Gary Peters released the following statement on the President’s State of the Union address:

“Michigan was well represented at tonight’s State of the Union because we are showing the nation and the world how to innovate and rebuild. GM CEO Mary Barra, who helped GM sweep car and truck of the year at this year’s auto show and have the highest sales since 2007, Rush Trucking’s Andra Rush and my guest Brian Hermelin of Detroit Venture Partners are all showing how Detroit manufacturing and small business can succeed and grow our middle class.

“As the President outlined tonight, the top priority in Washington needs to be on how to expand opportunities for middle class families and those aspiring to get there. I support the President’s plan to raise the minimum wage, which has shown to improve worker productivity, decrease turnover and grow our economy.  

“Republicans and Democrats can and must work together to address the challenges confronting our families. Together, we can improve health care reform so it works for small businesses and middle class families. We can find common ground to responsibly reduce the deficit and invest in small businesses to make our Main Streets strong again.

“For too long, gridlock and political scorekeeping have gotten in the way of working to strengthen our economy and our middle class. I hope tonight’s address will usher in new resolve from both sides to do right by the people we represent.”

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