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As Gridlock Looms in Washington, Peters Vows to Donate Shutdown Pay

Frustrated by ongoing political games, U.S. Representative Gary Peters today urged colleagues to stop threatening to shut down the government. If partisan gridlock is not overcome and the government is shutdown, Peters announced today he will not accept pay for the duration of the shutdown and will donate any salary he receives to local charities.

?“Michigan families work hard and when they don’t go to work, they don’t get paid, and the same should hold for Congress. For every day that Washington gridlock shuts down the government, I will donate my salary to charity,” Peters said. “When political gridlock undermines our economic uncertainty and makes it harder for Michigan middle class families and small businesses, it’s not a game – it’s bad faith. I urge lawmakers to take on our nation’s fiscal challenges with the seriousness and consideration they require, and I am committed to responsibly reducing the deficit.”

A government shutdown would have a major impact on Michigan families and small businesses. Military personnel could face furlough; Social Security, Medicare, and veterans’ benefits claims could be delayed, passport and visa applications would be put on hold, and small business and home mortgage lending programs would stop processing new loans.In May, Peters voted for an amendment authored by Congressman Camp that would prevent Members of Congress from being paid if a shutdown is triggered by default. When Washington gridlock last threatened a government shutdown in 2011, Peters fought to ban Congressional pay if federal operations closed. He also signaled he would donate any pay he receives during a shutdown to charity to help local families.

Peters has worked across the aisle to cut wasteful spending in Washington. He recently worked with Republican Congressman Cory Gardner to hold federal agencies accountable for billions wasted on duplicative programs and to prioritize deficit reduction by requiring an annual vote on the President’s recommended cuts.


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