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Changing the Way Washington Works

As a member of the House of Representatives, I firmly believe that we have an obligation to change the way that Washington works to better serve the American public. To get it done, I'm fighting to pass several common sense reforms to increase transparency, cut government waste and put an end to backroom deals.

To change the way Washington works, I've led by example by:

  • Improving Transparency in Congress: I introduced the Holding Congress Accountable Act which would require Members of Congress to post a link to their annual expenditures on their official websites. Every year, members of Congress have an annual budget to run their offices and my bill would require new levels of transparency to ensure that all taxpayers could see what their Member of Congress is using these funds for. I believe in leading by example, so you can review expenditure data from my office by clicking here.
  • Cutting government waste to save your tax dollars: Every year that I’ve been in Congress, my office has come in under-budget. These savings have added up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in reduced spending. By returning these funds to the Treasury, I'm proud to have helped reduce the federal deficit.
  • Putting an end to rushed, backroom Washington deals: To change how Washington works, I introduced legislation that would require all bills considered by the House of Representatives be available online for at least a full 72 hours before a vote. Too often, complex legislation is rushed to a vote without adequate time for the public, the press, and the Member of Congress to read and debate the bill - I'm committed to putting an end to this practice.