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Peters: Fuel Efficiency Agreement is Win-Win for Auto Industry, Workers and Country

Peters Is Leading Fight for Advanced Vehicle Technology

Washington, D.C. – Representative Gary Peters, whose district is home to Chrysler headquarters, several General Motors plants and more auto suppliers than any Congressional district in the country, today joined President Obama, leaders from the Big 3 and the UAW to announce new fuel efficiency standards.

Peters is a leader in the fight for developing fuel-efficient and advanced vehicle technology. Peters authored the Advanced Vehicle Technology Act, which passed the House last year, and he reintroduced the legislation this year with Senator Debbie Stabenow.

Following today’s event, Peters released the following statement praising the adoption of a competitive new fuel efficiency standard for the auto industry:

The Big 3 and the UAW should be congratulated for their hard work in negotiating an agreement that is a win-win for our country and auto industry. It reduces our dependence on foreign oil, will make transportation more economical for families, and it gives a boost to fuel-efficient vehicle technologies, like the ones we’re developing in Michigan.

“Demand for advanced vehicles is increasing around the world. Setting an ambitious standard today guarantees that the next generation of fuel-efficient vehicles will be built here in America by American workers. President Obama took action to save the American auto industry, and the action he took today will help ensure that industry remains strong for years to come.”

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